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Moritz Epidor


Producer: Cerveses Moritz
Style: Dark Pilsner
Format: 330ml
Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 7.2%

Pure personality, intensity and with the aromatic expression of malt. A full-bodied amber beer that pours a lovely copper colour, rich and refreshing at the same time. Flavours reminiscent of Christmas cake (sweet bready malt body, which forms the backdrop to faint citrus, berry and nut notes), coriander seeds, and coffee. A sophisticated beer that offers a wide selection of aromas with notes of hops, fruity hints and soft caramel, and an aftertaste of liquorice. Clean, slightly sweet finish, not bitter. Fine strings of bubbles.

Brewed with caramel malts, which produce a strong lager with a concentrated body, and an extended fermentation process giving it extra strength. Made with 100% natural spring water from the Montseny mountains in Guilleries National Park, north of Barcelona, giving the beer a perfect mineral balance. Would go well with stronger flavoured foods like aged cheddar or other stronger cheeses, rye bread, slow cooked meat dishes, sweeter tones (i.e. caramelized onion).

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