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Our Bukit Timah menu offers a range of popular Spanish classics with a fine touch, complemented by our signature Jamon bar, with its selection of 3 Jamones to savour various ages and qualities of traditional Spanish ham, as well as other delicacies. The Dinner menu is available on all evenings (except Monday, when we are closed), while the Brunch selection is available at lunch hours on weekends only.



Our Boat Quay menu remains consistent with our flagship Bukit Timah outlet, offering all the familiar Spanish favourites, and Jamon selection, with a few small differences. The a la carte menu is available throughout all opening hours, including lunch on Thursdays and Fridays. 



Our wine menus are a selection of Spanish wines from various regions throughout all of Spain, to showcase the diverse styles and varietals that the vast country has to offer. Other familiar offerings such as beer, sangria, a selection of spirits, coffee and tea are also available.

Please note that our wine selection and vintages change frequently. Kindly contact the restaurant directly if you have any queries or special requests.