San Fermin Specials!

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Dear Valued Customers,

San Fermín, also known as Los Sanfermines, is an exhilarating week-long festival held in the picturesque Basque Country town of Pamplona, Spain every July. Steeped in tradition, its main highlight is the heart-pounding Running of the Bulls, where daring individuals dash through the streets as bulls charge behind them.

In the spirit of this lively event, My Little Spanish Place at Boat Quay is thrilled to join the celebration of San Fermin!


Rabo De Toro

(A hearty, slow-cooked oxtail stew, served with creamy mashed potato)


(A plate of a combination of 2 types of croquettes, creamy jamon croquettes and creamy salt cod fish croquettes)


(Crispy housemade deep-fried pastry dough with dark chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream)

But wait, there is more! We also have a unique cocktail just for you- el Mozo. Named after the daring individuals who run with the bulls, this drink is inspired by the attire they wear during the exhilarating event!

El Mozo Cocktail

(It’s a Spanish inspired Cocktail)

Join us by Clicking here exclusively at our Boat Quay outlet from July 9th to 14th (Tuesday to Saturday) to savor these special San Fermin treats!

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Thank you all, we look forward to seeing you!
Warmest regards,
My Little Spanish Place