Pimentos Del Padron – Spanish Roulette

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What are Padrón Peppers? 

Have you ever wondered where Pimientos Del Padron originate from? At My Little Spanish Place, we serve Pimientos del Padron that come from the Padron city in Galicia. These bite size green peppers have been farmed in Galicia for decades and are usually harvested earily in the season. In their harvest, the peppers are very small (no more than six centimetres) making them the perfect bite size tapas!

This delicious tapas is a classic Spanish treat and is a must try if you like rustic Spanish cuisine. At My Little Spanish Place, These peppers are prepared on the spot and ready to eat as they are still sizzling.

What do they taste like? 

When harvested early, Pimientos del Padron are usually mild in flavour with a low level of capsaicin. But, some of the Pimientos can contain a bit more capsaicin and are a bit spicier than others.

Not knowing which pepper might be spicier than others is why people from Galicia say that eating Pimientos del Padron is like playing a game of Spanish Roullette. From this mystery, people from Galacia came up with the saying: “Os pemientos de padrón, uns pican e outros non” (pimientos del Padron, Some are hot and others not). Making this tapas not only a delicious snack but also a fun game to enjoy with friends.

People in Spain traditionally gather around for tapas to play a game of Spanish roullette with their friends. Allowing them to not only enjoy a nite out with their friends but to add some spice to their evening. You can too play with your friends! Simply come on down to My Little Spanish Place and ordering these little bite size mysteries. 

How to cook Padrón Peppers?

In Spanish tapas bars and cervercerias (beerhouses) Pimientos de Padrón are traditionally deep fried in olive oil. Deep frying them smoothly blisters their thin skins and softens the flesh. Traditionally, these peppers are served hot straight from the frying pan and sprinkled with salt flakes. Not much is needed to make these peppers so delicious! Drizzled with a few drops of olive oil and some fresh chopped parsley just simply adds the final touch. 

In Spain, Pimientos del padron are served as part of a bigger tapas buffet or as a delicious savoury snack. They compliment every meal at any time of the day. These Pimientos del Padron just sums up the beauty of Mediterranean cooking as it is simple and contains good quality ingredients.  

Pair it with a lager!

Pimientos Del Padron go perfectly with a cold crisp pale lagers (such as Moritz Pilsner) and amber lagers are quite popular in Galicia and perfectly support the flavor profile of the peppers.

With the mild refreshing taste of a pilsner it doesnt take away from the savoury peppers but rather compliments it very well.

So, order yourself and your friends a pint of pilsner and a plate of Pimientos del Padron and enjoy a festive evening at My Little Spanish Place!

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