National Suckling Pig Day!

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Did you know that today ( December 18th) is National Suckling Pig day? Now that’s the kind of food holiday we want to celebrate! For centuries Cochinillo Asado has been a traditional Spanish dish which dates back to the 15th century. Cochinio Asado at the time was a daily meal that chefs in Spain would prepare for their communities.

Chefs would usually roast an entire piglet during cold winters to feed everyone around them. Today, people enjoy this wonderful dish during the holidays in pass down of tradition. In Spain People would prepare a whole piglet for Christmas dinner to enjoy with their families. But don’t you worry! You don’t have to wait till the 25th of December to enjoy this delicious meal since we have made it available for you now!

Roasting a Suckling Pig became very popular amongst Spanish chefs and they took pride in their Cochnillo Asado. This is when the tradition of cutting the meat with the edge of a plate became popularized. Using a plate demonstrates that the meat is tender and crispy by it being easy to cut through.

What has made suckling pig a delicacy is their tender and juicy meat that just melts in your mouth. The reason why the meat is so tender is because the piglets are the ages of two to six weeks and are fed only from their mother’s milk. Due to their young ages, Cochinillos are 40% less fatter than regular adult pigs and can get up to 9 – 20 pounds each.

At My Little Spanish Place, our piglets are roasted whole until the skin is crips which can take up to two days to fully prepare! So don’t forget to pre-order your pigs two day in advance by calling one of our outlets! At the beginning of the cooking process, Chef Edward Marinates the piglets for twenty four hours. He marinates them with a mixture of herbs encompassing garlic and bay leaves. The piglet then slowly roasts for more than four hours to achieve the tender texture and crackling skin. To show the tenderness and crispness of the Cochinio Asado Chef Edward will cut the meat using a ceramic plate before serving.

This tradition has been pass down for centuries obviously because it is so delicious! So, come on down to My Little Spanish Place and enjoy a true Spanish feast with your friends and family! Upon making a reservation pre-order your Cochnillo Ibérico Asado two days in advance for Dine-in, Delivery or Takeaway!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Years! 

My Little Spanish Place