¡Feliz Semana Santa!

¡Feliz Semana Santa!

Happy Easter!

This Easter Sunday, we have a few celebratory specials lined up for just this one day at Bukit Timah only, so make it a point to come gather with some family and friends for some feasting!

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Menu Specials
1 April 2018
Bukit Timah only

Giant Seafood Paella    18 / serving
Our house recipe seafood paella, beaming with prawns, calamari, fish, and mussels, cooked over a giant pan for all to share!
*Available for Lunch only*

Langostinos a la Plancha con Limon Y Sal    35
Fresh Spanish prawns grilled with lemon and sea salt.

Pescado del Dia
Fresh Wild Fish of the Day, served whole. Choice of either grilled, or oven-baked.
*Price will be based on market price, by weight*



*Easter Graphic by Freepik

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